Our free-range hog roast service has seen us cater for events all over Dorset.

If you are looking for the best Hog Roast service in Dorset, we at Dorset Porkers serve the best free-range hog roast all over Dorset. We help you enjoy your party while we take the responsibility to make your guests happy and full, hoping for them to hire us. Our Hog Roast is not only the best but also the tastiest around the world. If you hire us, we will provide you with a whole pig properly cooked and served delicately.  

A massive portion of succulent free-range pork is provided with each freshly baked roll mixed with homemade Bramley apple sauce and delicious sausagemeat stuffing and topped with crispy crackling. We also serve a wide range of fresh salads available on our price list.

We also serve hog roast in several formal dinners in collaboration with other catering companies. We formally serve Hog Rolls on a napkin.